WONG PHOTO/PRO PHOTO offer only the highest quality
processing services available. Every negative is cleaned and remove dust before printing, Prints are individually checked and reprinted if necessary, to ensure that you get only the best product available to you.Photographs are numbered on the back for easy reference.

Slide Processing ( E-6 )
WONG PHOTO also offer E-6 slide processing, prints to slides, slides to prints and duplicate slides.

Digital Photo printing
Print pictures from any image source.e.g :- CF card, SM card, SD card,CD and Floppy Disk. Personalize your pictures,e.g :- calendars,greeting card and frame print. We prinr it all on silver halide paper.

Digitally Photo Retouching
Digitally restore treasured old photo. They may be faded, craked or torn, you may want to remove someone or something from a picture or combine two photo into one photo. Wouldn’t it be fun if that old wedding photo of mom and dad was in colour? Would you like to take yuor favorite colour photo and see it in a more dramatic black and white?
Our digital photo retouching service can do all this and more.

In ADVANCED PHOTO SYSTEM ( APS ) you can select the print
format that you like! Whatever the print format selected during picture-taking,you can order reprints on a different print format. H format, C format, P format or all prints in one saiz - 3R/4R.
You get a Index print went you develop it at Wong Photo / Pro Photo.

In Black & white, we develop your film with KODAK D-76 chemical, for B&W photo printing, you can choose hand-printing or machine printing.